Without water nothing can exist. No plants, animals, humans or artworks from the Wet-Painter. Since 2005 this art painter dedicates his life to water painting. Literally, because in his mixed wet in wet techniques he always finds inspiration in places that contain water; canals, fountains or even the shower. His studio is where there is water. No wonder they call him the Wet-Painter.


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Way of work

When the Wet-Painter starts with a new work of art, he’s got no idea what he’s going to paint exactly. That’s no problem though; it’s simply the way he likes to work.

No commercial inspiration, just creating by the moment. The more paint and water he uses, the more ideas appear. He paints the way like he was used to when he worked as a chef in the kitchen of restaurants. He constantly adds colors and at the end, just like a perfect meal, all the right ingredients make a wonderful experience for the senses.

Painting offers the Wet-Painter relaxation and self-esteem. Creating something new through experimentation. He uses different techniques, liquids and layers. Freedom is what he’s looking for, that’s why he likes to work with large surfaces.


The Wet-Painter grew up in a little village that doesn’t exist anymore, only in his passport. He was part of a small family: a father, mother and an older brother. He started painting during elementary school. After several studies, jobs and a life as a single dad, he decided to use his experiences in his art. Nowadays the Wet-Painter is an artist who finds freedom in his work.


Year Exhibition Location Place Country
2012 GAA international exhibition contemporary art Oude Kerk Amsterdam The Netherlands
2012 GAA finalist Art Contest Oude Kerk Amsterdam The Netherlands
2013 Several pop up exhibitons The Netherlands / Germany / Belgium
2013 Several pop up exhibitons The Netherlands
2015 Art Festival the city as a theatre Zwolle The Netherlands
2015 Several exhibitions Zwolle The Netherlands
2015 Hellendoorn Art Festival 2015 Hellendoorn The Netherlands
2015 3 months exhibition Isala Hospital Zwolle The Netherlands
2016 D.O.A.S. continuously studio exhibition D.O.A.S. Zwolle The Netherlands
2015 Art meets Music (classical concert) Zwolle The Netherlands
2016, july/ aug/ sept Headquarter of the Federal police department Zwolle The Netherlands
2016, sept Hellendoorn Art Festival 2016 Hellendoorn The Netherlands
2016 D.O.A.S. estaffette exhibiton Gallery Het Langhuis Zwolle The Netherlands
2016 D.O.A.S. continuously studio exhibition D.O.A.S. Zwolle The Netherlands


The Wet Painter

Mimosastraat 1-J
8013 SB Zwolle

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